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Archiblox carbon positive prefabricated home
Photo: Archiblox

Part art installation, part science experiment The New Joneses project was created to promote conscious lifestyles. From February 9 - 13th everyday hero and unlikely eco-warrior, Wayne, will transform his life with ethical, green and sustainable choices, right before the eyes of the Melbourne public.

"Arriving in his undies and bathrobe, Wayne will source his clothes, furniture, home-wares, even bedding, second hand. He will cut his energy use, test collaborative consumption, eliminate food waste, buy direct from Aussie producers, drive an electric vehicle, live chemical free, compost, tend his worm farm, all to maximize resources and minimize waste," explains Tamara DiMattina, the creative behind the initiative.

Partners in the project, modular house designers ArchiBlox, who developed one of the world's first carbon positive prefabricated house, will install Wayne's small footprint home in Melbourne’s City Square as part of the Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival. Sustainable design features of the house include:

  • In-ground Cool Tubes to help with cooling
  • Sliding Edible Garden Walls to block sun penetration 
  • Green Roof for added thermal insulation
  • The Buffer Zone "The lungs of the house" & "Food Basket" separates the external environment
  • Healthy Materials High Grade sustainable materials and formaldehyde and VOC free
  • Airtightness - Airtight building envelope improves sound protection and saves energy
  • Hard wired data lines to reduce electromagnetic radiation

To promote the event, sponsor and responsible banking specialist, bankmecu, is offering Organic Gardener readers a chance to win one of three $200 eftpos cards, to spend ethically of course. To enter the competition click here.

By: Jacqueline Forster

First published: February 2015

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