Question time

With so many different organic labels on the shelves, and so many media stories offering conflicting information about the pros and cons of organic food, it’s easy for consumers to feel a little bewildered.


Fortunately, anyone with questions now has a new way of getting answers. Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA), a nonprofit organisation representing Australian organic growers, has launched a new website featuring an online forum.


“Every day the BFA answers questions from consumers and others relating to organic food and farming,” says BFA general manager, Holly Vyner. “The new web-based forum allows consumers to ask their questions of BFA nutritionists, BFA representatives on standards and technical matters, and even organic growers.


“The forum will allow a growing archive of valuable, practical information and advice to be accessed for the benefit of all.”


Consumers looking for more info on certification can also access information the Why Organic section of the BFA website.

By: Simon Webster

First published: October 2010

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