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sowing melon seed
Photo: Penny Woodward

Organic Gardener bursts into the warm season with an issue all about seeds and a dazzling sunflower cover.

We could have filled Organic Gardener ten times over with stories on seeds because there is so much tradition around seed saving and keeping the wonderful array of open-pollinated seeds viable. Sadly, the world has lost thousands of heirloom varieties, from vegies to herbs, grains or fruit, but a resurgence of interest in flavoursome, nutritious and diverse heirlooms is underway.

We look at some of the people working on the survival and expansion of heirloom crops and organic farming, such as Indian eco-activist Vandana Shiva and US seed champion Scott Chaskey. Also, the marvellous seed saving networks and seed libraries springing up around Australia that are introducing gardeners to the wonders of saving seed.

Then Phil Dudman puts it all into action with his seed raising article that shows how to grow crops from seed, whether first propagating in seed trays or planting directly. It can save you lots of money and provide you with a far greater range of varieties to grow.

We also have a marvellous extract from a new book by expert gardener Simon Rickard called Heirloom Vegetables. It focuses on the range of heirloom beans, the stories behind them and their distinct colours, flavours and attributes for the kitchen.

And I must mention the article by New Zealand foodie extraordinaire, Annabel Langbein, which tells the story of her life from young hunter gatherer living a simple life in the bush, to the global success story of cook books and television shows that she has become.

These are just some of the terrific treats in store in the November/December issue of Organic Gardener.

By: Steve Payne

First published: October 2014

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