Pest-repellent plants

Molluscs munching on your mizunas? Caterpillars crawling on your cabbages?  Cutworm decapitating your corn? Do not fear. Organic Gardener contributor Penny Woodward has released a second edition of her most excellent book, Pest-Repellent Plants.

Rather than declaring war on pests, the book advocates a more holistic approach. This involves growing a diversity of healthy plants in healthy soil, creating habitat for predators, and using plants that mask, repel and kill pests.

Traps, nets and barriers are also covered, along with homemade organic sprays, and a guide to the pests themselves. It’s published by Hyland House ($27.95) and available in book shops or at

You can hear Penny talking about pests on ABC Radio here. And you can read more about the book in an upcoming edition of Organic Gardener.


Photo: Simon Webster

By: Simon Webster

First published: April 2012

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