Organic 'Hurley' burly

You never do know what you are going to find when scanning the websites for world news. A surprising story that popped up this week was about British actress and model Liz Hurley which tells how she lives a double life. Outside the glamour of films and catwalks, she actually owns an organic farm in Gloucestershire, the same camping ground as Prince Charles and his Duchy Home Farm, which also produces organic farm produce. In fact, she’s teamed up with the Prince of Wales and his Duchy Originals company. The reports about Liz Hurley say she is to star in a new reality television show documenting her life on the farm with husband Arun Nayar (apparently also a multi-millionaire). Hurley bought the 400 acre property around five years ago initially as a place to escape. However, they now produce organic pork, lamb and poultry and are taking it seriously, having gained organic certification. “I hated watching chemicals being poured onto the land, so I put my farm under conversion and now have full organic status,” Hurley writes on her website. “We are building up our herd of Gloucestershire cattle, Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Shetland and Lleyn sheep”. The couple also grow crops such as wheat and oats. They sell their meat to butchers and restaurants and through the Cirencester Farmer’s Market. I suppose I’m interested that someone who could pretty much choose to do what they want because of financial independence, has chosen to get her hands in the earth and commit to organic farming and food production. I have to say though, she perhaps needs to update the website and give it a redesign. It’s a bit odd looking at the farm’s products and other background while a sidebar rotates a series of shots of Hurley in swimsuits to promote her latest range. I suppose that’s marketing! More details:

By: Steve Payne

First published: July 2010

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