Land of the free lettuce

It can be a thankless task, ruling the Free World. All those contrary Congressmen to win over, pesky journos asking tricky questions, foreign leaders to be polite to. At least we know Barack Obama is keeping his strength up by eating well.

Despite a long, harsh Washington DC winter, the White House organic kitchen garden produced a successful winter harvest last month, thanks to plastic-covered hoop houses keeping the vegies safe from the worst of the weather, which included two blizzards and 60 centimetres of snow.

One year on from its establishment, the edible garden has proved so successful, producing 450 kilograms of food, that First Lady Michelle Obama – a passionate advocate of organics – has decreed it should take over even more of the White House lawn, expanding the patch from about 110 to 150 square metres.

No sooner were the new beds in than Michelle was out planting again, with the First Lady and helpers performing a “growing dance” around the newly planted rhubarb.

Read all about it here and watch video of White House chef Sam Kass talking about the winter harvest here.

When Barack has served his two terms there’s only one thing for it: Michelle for president!

By: Simon Webster

First published: April 2010

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