Guerrilla convenience 24/7

Guerrilla Gardeners have been around for some time now, citizens declaring green war on grey, neglected urban spaces, “fighting the filth with forks and flowers” as they say. Amongst their weaponry is the ‘seed bomb’, a mixture of clay, compost and seeds, designed to be lobed like a green grenade into those hard to reach public places.

Seed bombs are easy to make yourself, but what about those times when you’re in full-swing floral attack and you run out of ammo?

A company in Los Angeles has tackled this problem head on, reclaiming old disused sweet vending machines and converting them into seed bomb vending machines. Businesses are invited to purchase the machines and place them in strategic locations across town … industrial areas, shopping centres, schools, parks and corner stores.

Just drop in your coin, turn the dial, collect your mini missiles and fire away. This could prove to offer some welcome assistance for our troops on the green frontline.

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First published: May 2010

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