Editor’s choice – April 2013

March 29, 2013

Our readers are certainly making the most of the last of the summer sunshine. Vicki from Victoria sent in these photos of her luscious organic produce.


Vicki says, “I’ve just picked a load of tomatoes and some capsicums from my spring plantings and I’m looking forward to more bounties in April of my late season tomatoes. The tomatoes I have grown this year include Tommy Toes, Jaunne Flamme (medium-sized orange tomatoes), Cherry Romas and the Roma-shaped San Marzano.

The zucchinis are looking a bit tatty now but both the Blackjack and the Lebanese varieties have provided well over 30 fruit per plant this season. I’ve allowed a couple to turn into marrows so I can stuff them with some mince and herbs.


In April, it will be pumpkin picking time - this year I have a fence to train my pumpkins on, definitely an advantage to keep them off the ground.”

Meanwhile, Roxana from NSW has encouraged her parents to start a balcony garden. Roxana says, “In a matter of weeks we already have a flourishing of new herbs and veggie plants. It’s a bit surprising because we don’t get much sun in this south facing balcony, but we picked out plants that handle partial shade and it seems to have worked out.”


Recycled materials play a big part in their garden. Roxana has rescued some pots and boxes as seedling trays and they’ve also installed a trough planter, “converting an old bookshelf that was also destined for the rubbish tip.”


Their next move is to try and convince their Body Corporate to let them transplant the orange tree to the front of their building. Roxana says, “Like most other blocks of units, ours is surrounded only by ornamental plants.”

Keep up the good work, Vicki and Roxana! They'll both receive a special Organic Gardener gift.

We love seeing what’s growing in your patch! Keep the photos coming and email them to organicgardener@your.abc.net.au


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