Cooking with Organic Broccoli

When the broccoli harvest is on, it’s on!

 I planted a block of around a dozen plants this year… and what I love most about growing broccoli, is that if your prepared to keep watering and feeding it, you’ll get months of little side sprouts appearing after you’ve harvested the central flower head.  

This seasons planting has provided my family with a big feed of broccoli at least twice a week. Desperate to keep the kids interested in eating it, I asked my fab food buddy Julie Ray to come up with a few yummy ideas for cooking it, which she presented live to air on Good Gardening ABC North Coast.

 One of the ideas… a broccoli pesto… had me questioning her culinary sanity… but I’ve got to say folks, I found it absolutely scrumptious. Enjoy!


Broccoli Pesto Salad with Char-grilled Tuna

Spicy Broccoli Fritters with Tahini Mint Yoghurt

First published: September 2011

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