Composters do a good turn

‘Black gold’ fever is due to seize the nation next week, with a mass outbreak of grass-gathering, heap-turning, temperature-measuring, humus-making mania.

International Composting Awareness Week (ICAW) is an attempt to promote compost making and using: there will be compost and worm farm workshops up and down the land. Check out the website to find out what events are taking place near you.

Compost not only improves your garden soils, but fights climate change. Council audits show that about 50 per cent of the contents of Australia’s rubbish bins could be composted, says ICAW's organiser, the Centre for Organic and Resource Enterprises. Instead, it ends up in landfill, where it breaks down anaerobically, producing the greenhouse gas, methane. So get out there and get turning those heaps.

Organic Gardener is an ICAW sponsor.

By: Simon Webster

First published: May 2013

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