Book Review: Down-to-Earth Garden Design

Down to Earth Garden Design by Phil Dudman

Down-to-Earth Garden Design

Phil Dudman
ABC Books/Harpers Collins
Soft cover, 200 pages, $35

Designing and a building a garden can be daunting. That’s why landscape gardeners make a living; because there are so few untrained people willing to have a go themselves.

But it’s not as hard as you might think, argues ABC Local Radio presenter and OG contributor Phil Dudman, who aims to take the mystique out of the process with this well-illustrated and clearly written book that takes the reader by the hand and leads them on a journey.

The first half of the book is all about choosing a style, measuring and assessing the site, using a landscaper’s eye to create shapes and patterns and drawing up plans like a pro.

The second half comprises practical, step-by-step guides to building ponds, pergolas and retaining walls, laying concrete and paths, establishing lawns and more. What are you waiting for?


By: Simon Webster

First published: July 2013

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