The fruits have a good amount of sweet and tart flesh around a large seed.

Quirky quandongs

May 2022

Karen Sutherland has been trying to grow quandongs for years and can now report some success!

Heeling in bare-rooted trees

May 2022

If you have a bunch of bare-rooted trees and can’t plant them quickly, you can do what’s called ‘heeling in’: Penny Woodward explains the process here. Plus, basic tips from Karen Sutherland.

worm farm

How to make a worm farm

April 2022

You can use a bath, trough, sink or even a large tin to make a worm farm, says Penny Woodward

Citrus leafminer

Pest and disease threats

February 2022

Penny Woodward suggests two threats to your harvest to look out for in your garden now: citrus leafminer and powdery mildew.

How to hold a hen

How to hold a chook

February 2022

There are all sorts of reasons you may need to hold your hens, such as checking for parasites; Jessamy Miller explains how do it safely for your chooks and you.

Elder flowers

Elder trees

January 2022

These trees have been associated with magic and witchcraft for a long time, explains Penny Woodward.

Growing plants that are indigenous to your area will help attract native bees.

Encouraging native bees

January 2022

If you follow these basic principles in your garden, native bees and other beneficial insects will know they’re welcome, writes Karen Sutherland.

Coloured lettuces

Lettuces all year round

December 2021

Penny Woodward says that with the variety of lettuces available, you should never be without leaves to add to your salads all year round.