The electric hued blue native, Lechenaultia biloba.

Blooming blue flowers!

November 2020

Although blue flowers are relatively rare, they are well worth searching out, writes Helen McKerral.

Build a bed for your vegies

November 2020

Planning your vegie patch? Justin Russell answers the question many of you might be asking: are raised beds right for me?


Za'atar, herb or spice mix?

October 2020

Penny Woodward says there is confusion about whether za'atar is a herb, a spice mix or both.

Julie with Painted Lady bean seeds

Seeds are free

August 2020

Karen Sutherland explains these seeds are available for free, all you have to do is use them to grow food, save those seeds and then share with others.

walk on board

Wet soils

August 2020

Penny explains that her soil is sodden, and she's being very careful not to tread on it.

Herbs for spring

August 2020

Most herbs are perfect for spring planting says Penny Woodward but its a bit early for basil.

Welsh onions starting to flower

Welsh onions

July 2020

Tough, versatile and useful. Mild sweet onion flavour. Ticks all the boxes says Penny Woodward.