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September 14, 2017

Backyard beekeeping hives
Photo: istockphoto
Are you a keen backyard beekeeper or perhaps a native bee enthusiast? Whether you’re in the country, the suburbs or even in a city; have one hive or many; keep bees in the backyard or are a school or community garden, we want to hear from you! ABC Organic Gardener magazine and ABC Books are excited to launch a call out to find true stories and photos from beekeepers of all kinds and from across Australia to feature in a photographic book that will be released in September 2018 – and we’d love you to have the chance for your story and photos to be included in the book! You have until midnight on 6 December 2017 to let us know your bee stories. In no more than 500 words, tell us about your experience with bees, their hives and their honey. Some of the things you could cover in your submission are:
  • Are your bees honeybees or native bees, and if native, what kind? Did you make a home for them?
  • Where do you keep your bees? Are you in the inner city, a suburban backyard or rural location…
  • How many hives do you have, and what kind?
  • Who looks after them?
  • Tell us why you decided to keep bees, when you began and why you enjoy it
  • Do you know what flowers your bees feed on?
  • How much honey do you harvest and what do you do with it – any favourite recipes?
  • Share a funny story or interesting information about your experience of beekeeping
Your submission also needs to include one or more photographs (up to five is ideal) that show us your backyard beekeeping experiences. For example, your photos could be of:
  • your hives
  • you or your family with the hive
  • your honey harvest
  • the bees at work in the flowers.
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