Articles by Steve Payne

Organics under the spotlight

November 2010

Why is organics guilty until proven innocent? Why does it have to prove itself and not the non-organic farmers?

Organics promotes natural pest control

September 2010

Recent research demonstrates what experienced organic farmers already knew – that organic agriculture promotes biodiversity and natural pest control.

Fresh, organic produce.

Testing Organic Food

September 2010

A new Australian survey sets out to find the effect organic food has on the body’s toxin levels.

Choosing a better world

August 2010

US author and eco-activist Frances Moore Lappé recently gave a terrific interview on ABC Radio National’s New Dimensions, reports STEVE PAYNE.

Organic 'Hurley' burly

July 2010

A surprising story that popped up this week was about British actress and model Liz Hurley which tells how she lives a double life. Outside the glamour of films and catwalks, she owns an organic farm in Gloucestershire, UK. STEVE PAYNE reports.

La Via Campesina - food and farming for the Earth

June 2010

Historic first visit to Australia by the organization La Via Campesina – asserting the right of communities to create and control their own democratic, local, fair and sustainable food systems. 

When wild things disappear

June 2010

I do like to weave some poetry into OG, just as I like to search for it in the wider world.

Things Visible and Invisible

April 2010

This may seem a very ‘out there’ topic for a blog for Organic Gardener, but it got me thinking about a range of ideas about the way civilization is developing and how we exist within it.

Off to the Show; and decadent figs

March 2010

OG Editor Steve Payne is off to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show; plus a mouthwatering recipe for preserved figs.