Articles by Steve Payne

Spicy sprawling nasturtiums

Flower snatchers

July 2014

STEVE PAYNE contemplates his profusely performing nasturtiums that have forgotten it is mid-winter.

The last few ‘Tropic’ tomatoes

Tomato travails

May 2014

Editor STEVE PAYNE continues blogging about his gardening successes and misadventures.

Steve's Kale, still flourishing 12 months after planting

Kale forever

April 2014

Editor STEVE PAYNE begins a series of blogs sharing the successes, failures and surprises from his home garden.

Lucious golden corn

Summer bounty

December 2013

The latest issue of our magazine is bursting with inspiration for summer, writes Editor STEVE PAYNE.

Temperature rising

November 2013

A draft report from the CCA recommends Australia aim to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50 per cent by 2030.

Graham Brookman and chickens

Permaculture for life

November 2013

With a feature on permaculture appearing in an upcoming edition of Organic Gardener, editor STEVE PAYNE reflects on how he first discovered the design concept.

St Erth

Lunch at St Erth

September 2013

Our readers’ lunch with the Diggers Club at their Garden of St Erth was held on Friday and was a wonderful success.

Grow my community

April 2012

Check out our first project 'Home-grown harvest' at where you can contribute pictures, stories, poems and audio or visual evidence of your organic gardening feats and become part of the Organic Gardener family. Plus there’s an opportunity to win great prizes!