Articles by Penny Woodward


Statuesque angelica

July 2019

Choose your spot carefully suggests Penny Woodward, before planting angelica.

Frost protection

Frost, good or bad?

June 2019

Frosts are part of many gardeners lives but Penny Woodard asks are they good or bad?

Red poppy

Poppy planting time

May 2019

Planting poppy seed, Penny Woodward explains, takes a little care.

Dianthus and sage.

Growing in sandy soils

April 2019

A few gardeners are blessed with deep, rich, textured, fertile soil. But what if you aren't? Penny Woodward has some ideas to help.

Lovely leeks

April 2019

Leeks are best planted in Autumn and Winter says Penny Woodward

Testing pH

Testing times

April 2019

What is pH and how can you change it? Penny Woodward explains.

Tahitian lime


March 2019

Limes have it all says Penny Woodward. Fragrant flowers, glossy leaves, delicious fruit.