Articles by Penny Woodward

Italian purple garlic

Planting garlic

April 2014

Garlic is easy to grow says Penny Woodward and it’s not too late to plant it.

Green walls and red roofs

Green roofs and walls

April 2014

PENNY WOODWARD says the Living City display garden was a highlight of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Sweetly scented pennyroyal

Pennyroyal and ants

February 2014

Pennyroyal, says PENNY WOODWARD, helps to control ants and other pests.

Shady chook pen

Help them in the heat

February 2014

PENNY WOODWARD explains that animals and birds suffer in the heat too.

Cinnamon basil flowering profusely

Cinnamon basil

January 2014

In temperate climates, PENNY WOODWARD says summer is basil time.

Pear and cherry slug and damage

Pear and cherry slug

December 2013

Keep your eyes open for this nasty surprise says PENNY WOODWARD

Zucchini with cupped leaves

Herbicide alert

December 2013

It’s crucial to know the source of manure or mulch you use says PENNY WOODWARD.