Articles by Simon Webster

Learn from Holmgren and Savory

June 2013

Permaculture legend David Holmgren and holistic management guru Allan Savory are sharing their wisdom, writes SIMON WEBSTER.

Chicken in purple nappy

Chickens in nappies

June 2013

At last, you can invite chooks into the house without worrying about the carpet (well, apart from the scratching), SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Chicken breeds on show

May 2013

The best of more than 100 chook breeds are going on display in Melbourne, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

We’ve got the power

April 2013

As households continue to embrace solar panels, scientists have shown that Australia could run on 100 per cent renewable power, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

All the dirt on the Emmys

March 2013

The Aussie gardening show for kids, dirtgirlworld, is up for an Emmy, SIMON WEBSTER reports.