Articles by Simon Webster

Friends for supper

May 2010

A community TV show takes us on a tour of a sustainable farm, writes SIMON WEBSTER.

Northern exposure

April 2010

Permaculture is heading to Far North Queensland for its 10th convergence, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Cloud has silver lining

April 2010

The eruption of a volcano in Iceland may be a blessing for gardeners, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Hit the road

April 2010

A series of organic roadshows and workshops is travelling the nation, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Permanent wave

April 2010

Permaculture is reaching out to the people with a national day of positive action, writes SIMON WEBSTER.

Green but keen

March 2010

American activists are doing their best to get young people on the land and farming sustainably, writes SIMON WEBSTER.


Swale of a time

March 2010

A new swale covered in fruit trees has got SIMON WEBSTER excited.

Sweet Success

December 2009

Craig Sams was a pioneer of the natural food movement in the ’60s, going on to establish the most successful organic chocolate company in the UK. He talks to SIMON WEBSTER about food, business and gardening.