Inspirational gardens - bloomin’ marvellous!

PETER CUNDALL reminisces about how he and his wife, Tina, turned a piece of impoverished, barren land into a highly productive slice of paradise, and shows us some extra pictures of their garden in the Tamar Valley, in northern Tasmania.

This is a perfect climate for growing a huge range of organic vegetable, cool-climate fruit and nut trees, hardy citrus, berry fruits and a wide range of ornamental plants

In our Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Inspirational Gardens, Peter Cundall describes how he and his wife, Tina, stumbled across the property and how they have spent the last thirty years turning it into their slice of paradise.

Below are a few additional photos of their inspiring garden.

Bramley’s Seedling is a heavy-cropping apple


Cox’s Orange Pippin are apples for flavour


Part of the woodland garden

Pear blossom


Peter harvesting nectarines


Tina with hoop petticoat daffodils

First published: November 2012

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