Inspirational Gardens - Bellissimo!

November 10, 2012

JERRY COLEBY-WILLIAMS and his house-mate reveal how their garden has become a living larder. Here are some images of their suburban garden, Bellis.

Jerry Coleby-Williams and his house-mate Jeff Poole, a conservation writer and activist, have turned their suburban garden, Bellis, into a living larder that can survive climate change, drought and flood

In the latest ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Inspirational Gardens, Jerry describes how Bellis was visualised as a suburban ecological asset; a dynamic, integrated ‘whole’; a household supporting a permanent, intensive and flexible system of food production that in turn, supported its householders.

We couldn't fit all the marvellous photos he sent us into the printed magazine, so here are a few more, showing other aspects of this inspiring garden.

The backyard of Bellis, with a predator-attracting border


Bellis’ sewage system


Jerry pots Parramatta Sweets mandarins

Bellis’ food garden in winter


Bellis’ vegie garden soaks up heavy rain


Bellis in autumn, with Bambusa oldhamii

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