Plants & Vegetables

Rhubarb 'Ever Red'

The Green Rhubarb Blues

October 19, 2012

Have you got the green rhubarb blues? JUSTIN RUSSELL offers some tips on how you can grown red rhubarb, and why it's one of his all-time favourite plants.

Fruit Fly Netting

Tips for Fruit Fly Season

October 10, 2012

Fancy growing organic fruit in an area infested with fruit fly? It is possible, and JUSTIN RUSSELL shows how it can be done.

Tomato Seeds

Jobs for October

October 5, 2012

Time waits for no organic gardener. Spring marches on, and JUSTIN RUSSELL offers some tips for the month of October.

Pollinating zucchinis

October 1, 2012

Wondering why your zucchinis won’t develop properly? The garden guru PHIL DUDMAN helps you solve this problem.

Watch how to ensure that your flowers develop fruit, by pollinating them yourself.

Tomato Tactics

September 29, 2012

In the November-December 2012 issue of Organic Gardener, JUSTIN RUSSELL looks at natural strategies to deal with common tomato problems.

Additional notes about root knot nematodes and blossom end rot can be found in this article.

Flame Weeding

Flame Weeding

September 25, 2012

Controlling weeds is one of the major challenges facing organic gardeners. JUSTIN RUSSELL shares his his experiments with a gas powered flame weeder.

Pumpkins Calling

September 21, 2012

They’re easy to grow and just as easy to store. If you love your pumpkins boiled, baked or blended, then now is the time to plan your summer crop, says PHIL DUDMAN


Sowing Capsicum and Eggplant in Spring

September 19, 2012

Capsicums and eggplants are true summer crops that need warm conditions to grow. JUSTIN RUSSELL shares his tips for heating things up prior to sowing seed.

Grow the best organic Beetroot

September 11, 2012

It’s prime time for planting beetroot right across Australia. PHIL DUDMAN shares his organic planting and growing tips.

Spring Pansies

Gardening Jobs for September

September 7, 2012

September is an energetic month for the organic gardener. Here is JUSTIN RUSSELL’s run down on some of the jobs to do in temperate and subtropical climates.